ProfileKarin Foreman is a Santa Rosa Valley-based freelance artist of Swiss origin. She has earned degrees in graphic design and fine arts.

After founding “Art from the Heart”, her creations have been sold at art shows and gift shops around the greater Los Angeles area. Currently, she is working as an independent contractor producing graphic designs and artwork for a range of diverse clients. Her work has been published in various magazines and has been featured in many exhibitions nationwide.

Karin is also an event and award-winning nature and travel photographer. She is often described as being able to capture the essence of the moment. Karin Foreman won the The Exposure Award and is featured in The Nature Collection. Her photography was honored at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, on July 13, 2015.

After studying Photoshop in 2002 she’s been specializing in digital art. Her new passion is photomontage-based digital paintings combining her two passions—photography and fine art.

Foreman has worked in many different mediums like pastels, prismacolor, pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, acrylics, and especially in mixed media. She has also produced numerous pieces through the art of traditional printmaking—a method that dates back to the Middle Ages. They include linocuts, mezzotints, monoprints, zinc and solar etchings printed on hand-made paper and bark. Many of her prints grace private homes in the United States and Europe.

Karin has created a wide variety of illustrations and layouts for book-, CD- and DVD-covers, brochures, magazines, promotional items, and trade show posters. She has fashioned business cards, logos, and custom invitations & announcements as well as a series of children’s characters. As part of giving back to the community, she has successfully led Art@Lunch, which is a K-8 PTA sponsored program.  Presently, the artist has expanded into designing apparel and luxury silk scarves. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

• Fine Arts
• Graphic Design

• The Louvre, Paris
• MC Arts Department Gallery
• PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont
• Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
• Borders Books
• MJAA Conference, Generation to Generation Exhibition
• UMJC Conference, Generation to Generation Exhibition
• UMJC Conference, Tzedeck/Justice Exhibition
• Local Art Fairs

Photography Publications
• The Exposure Award—The Nature Collection (book), International
• The International Library of Photography (Voyage Through Time)
• Photographer’s Forum Magazine
• Vermont Photography Workplace (Flowers, trees, Birds, Bees: Nature Explored)
• Best of College Photography Annual
• God’s Plan for Pregnancy (First Edition), Australia
• MC Review Creative Arts Journals

• American Cancer Society (Prostate Awareness Pamphlet)
• Earthsafe Finishes (Promotional Pamphlets, Tradeshow Posters)
• Pituitary Network Association (Magazine Layout, Pamphlet and Graphics)
• Nerida Walker, New Life Ministries, Australia (Pregnancy Photography)
• Student Health Center (Logo)
• Dr. Sidney Adler, Jewish Studies (Logo)
• MJAA (Conference Brochures)
• MDCI (DVD and T-Shirt Designs)
• Beth Emunah (12 Tribes of Israel Project, 36×48 canvas prints)
• Kehilat Ami (Logo Design)
• Lev Shelo (Music CD Design)
• Tov Rose (Book Cover Design)
• Shelley Lubben (CD Design)
• Ronald Finstuen (Logo Design)
• Naturalissimo (Product Photography)
• Princess of Yah (Logo Design)
• Earth Safe Finishes (Trade Show Poster Design)
• Private Fine Art Collectors (Throughout America, England, and Switzerland)
• Custom Business Card Designs
• Custom Invitations/Announcements
• Event Photography (Pregnancy, Birth, Brit Milah, Halaqah, Birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvah Weddings,
and more)

College Awards
• Outstanding Student in Environmental Science
• Outstanding Student in Design
• Outstanding Student in Graphics
• Outstanding Student in Printmaking
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Consumer/Trade Ad (Levis, 550 Relaxed Fit)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Consumer/Trade Ad (EATM Teaching Zoo)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Illustration (Zodiac Sign)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Photography (Lake Powel Cave)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Photography (Glimpses of Heaven’s Nature)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Collateral Material (E*Trade Handbook)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Collateral Material/Corporate Logo, Symbol (Kehilat Ami)
• ADDY (VCAF*) for Collateral Material/Illustration (In Harmony with Nature)
*Ventura County Advertising Federation