Tree of Life Modal Scarf

Scarf & Tee

It has always been my dream that my artwork would make a difference in this world, and now I’ve found a way. VIDA is a company, which produces original artwork apparel.

Vida means in Persian “A rare find”, in Sanskrit “Wisdom”, in Hebrew “Beloved” and in Spanish “Life”. This Holiday Season, they are raising money to impact one factory in New Delhi, India. They provide their makers (workers) with the ability to read, write, and do basic math in order to build a better future. Here is a 3:47 minute video about VIDA. Skip to 2:32 to view the story of the factory worker.

The 100% high quality modal scarf runs $40.00. For one week only, you can get 15% off. The code is STP1EGYRU8VD. So far, I have only submitted one design (Tree of Life). Here is my link to my personal collection. If you’d like to see a specific design on a scarf, please let me know. They also make dresses and tops.

There are many designs from other talented artists to choose from. If you want to buy a unique gift that makes a difference, be sure to check it out.

Vida Web Page