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Karin Foreman is a Swiss-born Santa Rosa Valley-based freelance artist. Her background includes degrees in graphic design and fine arts.

After founding “Art from the Heart”, she exhibited in local art shows. Since the birth of her daughter, she moved on as an independent contractor working from home. She creates fine art and graphic designs. Karin is also an event and award-winning nature and travel photographer. She is often described as being able to capture the essence of the moment. After studying Photoshop in 2002 she’s been specializing in digital art. Her new passion is photomontage-based digital paintings combining her two passions—photography and fine art.

Foreman has worked in many different mediums like pastels, prismacolor, pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, acrylics, and especially in mixed media. She has also produced numerous pieces through the art of traditional printmaking—a method that dates back to the Middle Ages. They include linocuts, mezzotints, monoprints, zinc and solar etchings printed on hand-made paper and bark. Many of her prints grace private homes in the United States and Europe. Karin has created a wide variety of illustrations and layouts for book-, CD- and DVD-covers, brochures, magazines, promotional items, and trade show posters. She has fashioned business cards, logos, and custom invitations & announcements as well as a series of children’s characters.

Karin’s work has been published in various magazines and has been featured in many exhibitions. She has also translated documents from German into English which were published in the book The Camp Women.

What’s new… an update

Quite some time has passed since my last blog! A lot has happened. So, please scroll down.

I’ve been immersed in building up the homeless ministry and I am happy to report, that it’s going GREAT!  We put together 60 to 84 sack lunches on a weekly basis and pass them out in North Hills and Thousand Oaks.  In addition, we organize clothes and sock drives. During the holidays, we distributed a generous amount of gifts. We also gave out a large supply of brand-new items like shoes, reading glasses, books, toiletries, underwear, shaving kits, etc.  If you like to know more, follow us on Facebook. We have a Public Group and also a Facebook Page. Sharing these Facebook sites help create interest and awareness.

Regardless of being extremely busy, I’ve also been blessed with some really exciting projects. I’ve designed 20 different scarves for They are very multipurpose and can be used as everyday scarves, head coverings for Shabbat candle lighting, prayer shawls and even converted to tallitot. The scarves have already made it all the way oversees!

I am now working on some 53 x 53 in. square designs that can be used for either a chuppah cover, a sukkah backdrop or simply as a wall decoration. They are customizable. Here are some pictures of the process and new designs.

I was extremely honored, that the Charles E. Smith Life Communities have asked permission to use one of my images to thank their donors to wish them a Happy Passover.

On May 21st, the CAJE was having a Celebration of Learning honoring their Executive Director, Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar. As a gift, they chose “Trust”, because they wanted to present her with a painting that highlights powerful women in Judaism.

Last but not least… my “Shabbat Candle Lighting” is rapidly becoming one of the most versatile showcased mixed media collage. It is being used by an Orthodox Jewish Organization as well as a Spanish-speaking Catholic Music Ministry! It will also be exhibited at the Amsterdam Int’l Art Fair at the Beurs van Berlage from 25-26 August 2017. This International Art Fair features 3,000 art pieces of modern and contemporary art by 150 artists from around the globe! If you happen to be in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out.

Digital Mixed Media — The Making of “Passover”


More and more people have been asking about what medium I use for my new digital mixed media series. First, these new pieces are very simplistic, even minimalistic in nature. They are based on the flow of lines and the beauty of texture.

So, what exactly is digital mixed media? Before I show you how they came about, here are some comments I keep overhearing.

  1. It’s definitely NOT real art.
  2. Those who can, create awesome art the traditional way; those who can’t resort to digital art (sort of like the idiom “Those who can, do; those who can’t teach.)” I am sure teachers just love that.
  3. You don’t need any artistic skills to create digital art.
  4. It takes a fraction of the time that it takes to create real art—essentially, it’s a short cut.
  5. If you press random buttons on your keyboard long enough, the computer will automatically spew out gorgeous artwork.
  6. Major changes in layout and colors can instantly be changed with said buttons.

I am sure that most of my fellow digital artists have had to deal with some of these statements—not by folks who can barely tell the difference between a print and an original, but by colleagues in the art community. I remember that even a decade and a half ago; photographers were faced with the same dilemma: “Can digital photos be accepted as “real ” photography? Look at where we are now—today, reputable contests and exhibits feature even cellphone categories!

Back to the topic and end of mini rant… what then is digital mixed media? Super simple! Pretty much what it spells out. It’s a mixture of different mediums put together digitally. In my case, the sketch, layout and texture/paint is still being hand-crafted the traditional way. The final product is stitched together using Illustrator and Photoshop. Below is a photo journey of the creation of my new art piece.

Step 1: Always starts with a loose pencil sketch. Passover Pencil Sketch

Step 2: Creating the first layer. This included acrylics, sand, pumice, glitter, super heavy Gesso and Interference.
Layer 1

Interference colors are colorless, transparent paints made from titanium coated mica flakes rather than traditional pigments. They are also known as “Opalescent Colors.” This makes it possible for the underlying paint to shift color depending on the angle of the view. Below is an example.

The beauty and pleasure of working with mixed media is that you can use just about anything to create artwork. It’s not limited to just a canvas and paint. Here are some close-ups of the making of Passover.

Step 3: Creating the second layer — building texture, adding fabric and paper fiber.

Layer 2

Step 4: The Digital Layer. This forms the last and final layer. I used Illustrator for the white outlines and Photoshop for additional paint strokes.
Layer 3

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Original Artwork Apparel

Tree of Life Modal Scarf


It has always been my dream that my artwork would make a difference in this world, and now I’ve found a way. VIDA is a company, which produces original artwork apparel.

Vida means in Persian “A rare find”, in Sanskrit “Wisdom”, in Hebrew “Beloved” and in Spanish “Life”. This Holiday Season, they are raising money to impact one factory in New Delhi, India. They provide their makers (workers) with the ability to read, write, and do basic math in order to build a better future. Here is a 3:47 minute video about VIDA. Skip to 2:32 to view the story of the factory worker.

The 100% high quality modal scarf runs $40.00. For one week only, you can get 15% off. The code is STP1EGYRU8VD. So far, I have only submitted one design (Tree of Life). Here is my link to my personal collection. If you’d like to see a specific design on a scarf, please let me know. They also make dresses and tops.

There are many designs from other talented artists to choose from. If you want to buy a unique gift that makes a difference, be sure to check it out.


I thought it would be fun to enter some of my photos just because. There really isn’t a chance to win the actual competition award. The talent out there is outstanding. However, just like with playing the lottery–luck might be on my side. Besides, having your artwork featured at the Louvre in Paris would be pretty cool. As for the Vox Populi Prize, I didn’t bother asking people to vote for me. I find that a bit tacky. People awards really aren’t about how good the entry is but how many “friends” you have.

Exposure Contest

Launch of new Website

Launch of new Website December 30, 2013

I am venturing into a scary brand-new territory of trying to create my own website. I am definitely tech-challenged. Good thing a savvy family member came to visit at the right time and set me up!

Today just happens to be the 1 year anniversary of one the passing of my very best and dearest friends—Jim Hye Sing Ho. I wanted to remember this day not as the one, when the terrifying call came from his brother. So early; you just knew it can’t be good news. It was a day, which took the person who was loyal, all-supportive, ALWAYS there cheering me on for whatever occasion, never missed a holiday, event or birthday, encouraging and sharing my love for Thai and Indian food.

So, this undertaking is in honor of you my old buddy of 20 plus years. You enjoyed my artwork and would have cheered me on into this next venture. To a day now marked as one of new possibilities launched. Miss you terribly!

Jim's picture B&W








Jim, our Super-Hero