Launch of new Website

Launch of new Website December 30, 2013

I am venturing into a scary brand-new territory of trying to create my own website. I am definitely tech-challenged. Good thing a savvy family member came to visit at the right time and set me up!

Today just happens to be the 1 year anniversary of one the passing of my very best and dearest friends—Jim Hye Sing Ho. I wanted to remember this day not as the one, when the terrifying call came from his brother. So early; you just knew it can’t be good news. It was a day, which took the person who was loyal, all-supportive, ALWAYS there cheering me on for whatever occasion, never missed a holiday, event or birthday, encouraging and sharing my love for Thai and Indian food.

So, this undertaking is in honor of you my old buddy of 20 plus years. You enjoyed my artwork and would have cheered me on into this next venture. To a day now marked as one of new possibilities launched. Miss you terribly!

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Jim, our Super-Hero






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