Krav Maga

Logo for Coach Ron’s Official Davidic Line Krav Maga School Uniform T-shirt. Available for purchase at Pepperdine University M.D.C.I dance camp retreat this coming Memorial day weekend. Update: T-shirts can be bought here (click on link). Help them raise $5,000 to increase awareness and protection against bullying in the form of anti-Semitic racist behavior. 

About Ron
Ron grew up mainly in Tacoma W.A. from ages 6 to 22. While he spent much of his adult life training in the martial arts, he yearned for truth. Several years ago the Ruach ha Kodesh led him to seek out Israeli Krav Maga and he immediately cut all ties to the martial arts background. Krav Maga is the authentic training of the Scriptures and is seperate from the worlds martial arts. He was led by the Ruach to apply for the Israeli Krav Maga Association (I.K.M.A.) instructor certification course held annually in New Jersey. It is by invitation only and the Head Instructor of Krav Maga, Haim Gidon, flies out from Netanya, Israel, to personally train and award the certification. He passed the brutally intense course and is now a certified instructor of I.K.M.A. which is the root system of Krav Maga.

When he goes to teach at an event or gathering, he has the mindset of a Good soldier. A Good soldier is not concerned with civilian affairs, but only seeks to please his Commanding Officer.



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