I am an artist, first and foremost.

I am also an award-winning photographer and have degrees in fine art and graphic design.

My customers are spread all over the world and all have different backgrounds and beliefs. My artwork has been bought and published by people and organizations of the whole spectrum of Judaism. That means Orthodox, Conservative, Reform Traditional, Secular and even Humanistic Judaism. It is hanging on the walls of churches, Messianic Synagogues, Christians, atheists, LGBTQ’s and has been printed by organizations, which support human rights.

I am a firm believer, that art is art. It has the ability to transcend cultural and spiritual barriers. Art either speaks to a person or it doesn’t. One either likes a piece or doesn’t. Yes, my art is an expression of my thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. However, it is the VIEWER, who will interpret what he sees in it. And no, I don’t use some kind of subconscious voodoo to try to influence what one believes! 

Therefore, I hope you enjoy my pieces for what they mean to YOU and what YOU see in them.