Matisyahu’s Akeda Contest

Design a Graphic For Matisyahu
A friend of mine pointed out this contest to me. It’s for a music CD design for Matisyahu’s brand new release for 2014 called AKEDA.

The required key elements are:

  • The palm of a hand facing upward.
  • A flame inside the palm ideally created out of water.
  • Use the symbolism of the biblical “Burning Bush” for more inspiration.
    There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of a bush; he looked and the bush was blazing, yet it was not consumed.

STEP 1 Creating a flame out of water
I took a close-up of a candle flame.





I dropped an orange into a glass while simultaneously pressing the camera’s shutter release button with the other hand. The background was our black BBQ.
Splash3 Splash2 Splash1







I then took sections of the splashes to form the water-flame.
Water Flame Construction







STEP 2 Creating the Palm facing upward photo
While taking this picture is no challenge, finding someone willing to stand there for a second is—good grief!

Hand (2)








STEP 3 Adding Biblical Symbolism
Matisyahu wanted the flame in such a way that it didn’t consume the hand. With the help of different filters and blending the layer styles I made the hand to look like water. Thus, the two are becoming one element. I also added the ram’s horn to symbolize the meaning of AKEDA, which alludes to “The Binding of Isaac”. I just happen to have one of those on hand from a trip to British Columbia, Canada.






Final Submissions
Yes, I could have done better! I didn’t exactly rise up to the challenge. However, time is running out and my time “playing on the computer” ends now. Tomorrow we will see if any of it mattered…

Water Flame 2 Water Flame 1 Akeda 2 Akeda 1





The winner of the AKEDA contest is Jimmy Ovadia

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